A collection to celebrate the unique cultural intersections that make us who we are.


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A note to our #TTLfam

Like most, I have spent WAY too much time scrolling mindlessly on Tiktok and even posting videos here and there (fame, here I come).

What started as harmless fun quickly turned into a stark reminder that as a first gen Bengali woman – my cultural interpretation, self-expression and general way of life will always be a point of contention within our South Asian community.

Amongst the usual barrage of criticisms, one that stood out to me the most was the notion of not being “brown enough”. This was particularly hard to ignore after I had uploaded a video of my friends and I at a party wearing designs of mine that I was actually really proud of because they encapsulated our hybrid cultural upbringing.

But we all know how it goes – you’re either too brown for Western culture or too white when you dare be influenced by your immediate surroundings. And so we spend our best years stuck in a world that is neither here nor there because to lean into one must mean you're rejecting the other. It's a space that I know I share with so many others who are trying to make sense of that same journey.

Which is what got me thinking - since we're all stuck here, maybe we should unashamedly embrace it and celebrate our unique cultural intersections instead? And if you know me, I am never one to pass up a chance for a celebration. I envisioned a night where we could proudly dress up in our favourite fusion outfits, connect and dance all night. Since I'm also petty af, I thought the cherry on top would be to have my gorgeous models at the party wearing the designs from that video I mentioned earlier since the gatekeepers had so much to say about it.

The premise of the night would be to come exactly as who you are because we all deserve a space where we can express ourselves authentically. And so on November 6 that's exactly what we did...

Thank you to everyone who came out and made the night what it was. I really hope you enjoy the collection as much I enjoyed creating it and if you’re in Sydney, I’ll see you at the next event!

Love Tamanna

Come As You Are

Event Launch

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Tamanna! Everything came in and the color is beautiful. It’s darker and perfect for a late winter wedding. Everyone has been commenting that the color is almost regal. The pleats and the stitching are so well done. Also, thank you so much for including the additional sari as a wedding gift, you are amazing. I’m so thankful for your patience during this whole process, and I’m just so excited that the sari’s came in so beautifully, and will bet so easy for my friends to wear! I’ll be sure to send/ tag you in all the photo’s!! Thank you again!
— Kristen
Customer reviews
"Thank you SO much for working with me on my bridesmaid sarees. You were transparent and communicative throughout the process and made sure I got what I needed in time, which was a great relief while I was wedding planning. Getting such personalized customer service was really refreshing. The sarees looked BEAUTIFUL and my girls loved that they could customize their blouse and overall look so it suited each of their shapes and styles. They all looked so chic! I’ll need to get my own TTL saree now!"
— Ambika
Customer reviews
The one thing that stood during my experience with TTL and something I will never forget - was the high level of care and commitment Tamanna took in making that vision I had into a reality. The dress truly speaks for itself, it was breathtaking right down to the material and each intricate detail she had on it. The size was a true fit and I felt that it was perfectly done to suit my body. With their affordable prices, you know from the start TTL is in the game for all the right reasons!
— Diya
Customer reviews
Thank you so much for the sarees for my bridesmaids! I can’t thank you enough for meeting with me multiple times, giving me different options for what could work and also showing me multiple shades of similar sarees. You were super responsive during my crazy wedding planning process and you worked around my schedule. The girls looked beautiful and they got so many compliments throughout the day! Thanks so much
— Tanushi
Customer reviews
This lehenga was beyond perfect and exactly what I was hoping for for my formal dress. The customer service was beautiful, I never felt like I had to wait on you or stress out about miss communication. Communication was also so so easy, it was as if I was just talking to a friend, such a nice personality and so so much talent. Loved being able to see your work and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Big love 🤍
— Vaani


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